Romantic Paris Proposal Packages ...

A romantic picnic proposal in  Paris, France.

Midnight in Paris Proposal

Eiffel Tower Proposal in Paris

Eiffel Tower Banner Proposal

How to propose marriage in a horse and carriage in Paris

Horse & Carriage Proposal

A romantic picnic proposal in  Paris, France.

Summer Special Picnic Proposal

Why Paris?

Year round, Paris is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. It's easy to get to, simple to book accommodation online and it welcomes international visitors. There is so much for you to see and do and of course it's the perfect destination for your marriage proposal.

Why a Perfect Paris Proposal ?

Our 4 packages are romantic, memorable, affordable and they work. You save hours of research, avoid language problems and stress. Our packages make organising your proposal in Paris simple.

Share your story ?

We help you create a truly unique and memorable story which is secretly photographed against one of Paris' iconic backdrops. Our English speaking Paris photographers document the whole scene and capture for all-time your partners emotions so you can later share the moment with family and friends.

(Updated 20 Aug 2016)